To create a review page, you can simply follow these steps:

Login to Ali Reviews dashboard.
Go to Show reviews tab -> Choose Review widget and add on the Review page (We recommend to add the Review box widget)

Widget settings

From here there are 3 sections:

- Template: provide some templates for quick setup

- Appearance: customize the look of the widget

- Personalize: some advanced settings which are available from Essential plan included: Product Options, Review Options, Audience

4/ The review page is created, Please go to Shopify admin --> Pages --> open the Review page. Please make sure to choose the right template: page.alireviews-widget.
You can edit the review page title there, then click the eye button to see the preview:

NOTE: In case you already had a Review page, please kindly change the Review page template of existing Review page as the above screenshot

5/ Finally, you need to go to Navigation section to attach it on a menu:

Hope this can help you. Should you need further concern, please feel free to contact us via live chat channel or email us at
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