In the new version Ali Reviews 6.0, in order to use the Import Review via AliExpress feature, you will need to install manually a local Chrome extension.

If you have used Ali Review in previous version (5.4) and just upgraded to new version, please make sure to check step 6 below to turn off your current extension (version should be 5.x.x) after installing this local one. We are so sorry for this inconvenience.

If you are a new user and just installed Ali Reviews from Shopify App Store, please follow the first 5 below steps to install the local extension, and do refresh the page in step 7 before importing reviews.

The latest local extension version is 6.0.2, so if you installed older one (for example 6.0.1), you will need to install the latest one again.

We expect that the official Chrome extension version will be available in the coming weeks (depends on Google's Extension team), and we will inform you properly when it is ready.

Here are the instruction videos for Windows users and Mac OS users.

Below are the details steps to install the local extension.

STEP 1: visit this link and download the local extension into your machine.

STEP 2: extract the downloaded extension in your machine.

- For Mac OS users: just need to double click on the downloaded file to extract.

- For Windows users: please right click on the file, then simply click on "Extract All..." button if you do not have any compression app.

OR choose "Extract to..." if you are using extraction app (like WinRAR in the screenshot)

- For Chromebook and Google Pixelbook, please double click to open the zipped file, then copy the folder "alireviews_extension" inside the zipped file. After that paste it into another folder

STEP 3: click on the overflow button in Chrome browser > More Tools > Extensions

STEP 4: turn on "**Developer mode**" in the top right corner --> Click on "Load unpacked" button. Choose the folder "alireviews_extension"

STEP 5: choose to upload the extracted folder (alireviews_extension), and click on "Select Folder" button to finish your installation.

STEP 6: only if you have upgraded to new Ali Reviews version from the previous one, please turn off the current live extension. Otherwise, please ignore this step.

STEP 7: Refresh the page (press F5) in Ali Reviews app you are currently in, and then you can start importing reviews normally.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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