In brief, affiliate links are tracked based on campaigns. Each campaign includes the affiliate link which contains UTM parameters. These parameters will help you identify where and how your affiliate link is used.

Here is how the links work: Each affiliate link contains a 30-day tracking session, which means that if a new user who you drive to us signs up for a paid plan within 30 days, the referral will be counted to your credit. 

To create an affiliate campaign, please follow these steps as below:

From the Dashboard of your affiliate account, click on the Links tab.

On the Links page, we already provide a default affiliate link, enter the information below if you want a unique customized campaign:

Campaign name: This is the exclusive name to identify your promotion. It also appears as the ‘keyword’ on your Dashboard report.
Source: This tag is to identify where exactly did your link appear, such as a personal blog or a social network.
Medium: Is used to identify the way your link appear on a specific source, such as banner or text link.

Please kindly note that this information is used to track your affiliate campaigns and is generated in your URL, so you can’t type in spaces or special characters in the description fields.

When you’re done, click on the Copy link button and paste the link into your website to start implementing your campaign.

For example, you decide to create a campaign named ‘AliReviews’, which you want to promote on both your business website and Facebook. Tab the Links page and you can create two affiliate links as part of this campaign:

The 1st link is the one you will use on your business website. Just key in ‘AliReviews’ on the Campaign fill, set the Source to ‘website’ and the Medium to ‘image-link’ (if you plan to embed the link to a picture).

The 2nd link is the one you will use on your Facebook page. Campaign name is set the same as ‘fireapps’, but now you should set the Source to ‘Facebook’ and the Medium to ‘text-link’ (if you plan to embed the link to a text).

After the links are confirmed, your campaigns will be automatically update on the Manage Campaign table. When the links are in use, you will be able to track every click on your links in real time on the Dashboard report.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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