The Statistics for Affiliate Program will show up in 4 charts as follows:

Unique clicks: Which are tracked when a visitor clicks on your link or banner. Repeated clicks on the link from a unique visitor will not be considered.
Trial signups: Which are tracked when a visitor signs up for Ali Reviews, but still in trial period (for 7 days), it will be counted and show up in this chart.
Paid conversions: Which are tracked when a visitor clicks on your link and makes a purchase for our apps. Please note that this chart will only show up number when your referral keeps using paid plan after the 7 days of trial.
Earning: Which shows your total earning (commission) over time. Updated at the end of each merchant's billing cycle (30-day after customer select and use the Paid plan)

Please note that the metrics change according to Date filter on the top right side of your screen.

Kindly check the Payment Policy to learn further about how your commissions are counted.

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