After the merchants click on your referral link and install Ali Reviews, they must subscribe the Paid plan after the free trial and keep it at least 30-day (one month of the billing cycle). You will receive the credit of the first full month charge.

Example 1: If the visitor click on your referral link, pick Essential plan ($19.90) after the trial, then use the app for the whole month, you will receive $19.90 as one-time commission

Example 2: If the merchant downgrades or upgrades their plan during the first month, it will calculate according to the days using each plan

The merchant is using Ali Reviews with plan Starter ($9.90) and decides to upgrade to plan Essential ($19.90) on the 15th day of the same billing month, you will receive [$9.90*(15/30) + $19.90*(15/30)} = $14.9

Your earnings will be drawn up on Affiliate tool --> Payout at the end of each billing cycle.

Please be advised that you will be responsible for the foreign contractor tax (10%) and the Paypal transaction fee (4.5%)

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