Go to Show > Select Page > Open the Review Pops widget

To change the appearance of the Review pops, please open the Look and Feel settings

Choose the review pops layout
Display customer's name in review, OR an alternative (for e.g. Someone)
Turn on/off Popup thumbnail (there are 3 options here, Use review photo (first photo), Use product featured image (in case review does not have photo), or use abstract image from our existing database)
Edit content of the review pops. We are providing here 2 variables (Customer Name and Country), you can change the non-variables text as your wish

Customize the position of the review pops, set the background and text's color.

Use Theme General Settings: You can use the General Theme Settings which applied for all widget or Set the specific theme settings for the Review pops widget

Element Settings: show/ hide the elements of the review pops.
Note: some elements are not applied on the review pops such as: review image, reviewer country, verified badge, reaction icon. However, they will applied on the popup detailed when visitors click on the review pops

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Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io
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