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Ali Reviews - Getting to know about Manage reviews

Managing customer reviews is a crucial part of maintaining a positive online reputation and improving your products or services

In Manage reviews tab, you will be able to view all products reviews and process actions with those reviews

Monitor reviews

As default, after entering Manage reviews section, you will see all reviews of your store. You can easily see the amount of all reviews, also the published/ unpublished or pending ones.

From here you will able to see a set of actions in each individual review, it allows you to change the review's status to publish or unpublish, pin the review on top, share the review on social media platform, reply review, copy or move the review to another product and completely delete it.

Filter reviews, select some or all reviews to process bulk action

Pinned reviews are only applied on product page. Share, copy and move reviews feature is available from Essential plan. Delete reviews in bulk is also available from Essential plan.
Move/ Copy reviews in bulk only works when you select reviews of one specific product.

Monitor Questions and Answers

A Q&A section provides a platform for customers to engage with the brand and with each other. It encourages a sense of community and can lead to increased user interaction and loyalty. Learn more about this from here.

You will be able to manage all the questions from your customers, decide to publish it into your store and answer the question privately/ publicly

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Updated on: 19/10/2023

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