Understand how to read the results on Email History

Pending: Already scheduled mails will show on the Pending sections with detailed information, such as: Email ID (order number), Line Items (products), Buyer (email address) and Send date.

Clicking on - button, and there will have few actions can be taken with Pending emails.

Send now: Your email planned to be sent in the future will be sent now after clicking on this button, and this email will be moved to Sent status
Stop: Your email will be stopped, and forwarded to Expired status
Block user: Your customer email will be locked

Finished/ Sent: Already sent emails will show on this section. Check the status and know what happen with the emails

Sending: this email is on the way to your customer inbox
Delivered: Completely sent, your customer has received it
Opened: Your customer has clicked on this email
Error: Incompletely sent


This section will be contained ALL of the error message(s)/stop sending email(s).
Emails here will be deleted after 90 days since Expired date.  

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