Ali Reviews - How to customize the look of the review box?

With the latest update, you can easily customize the review widget's appearance.

These customized settings are applied for the specific widget. Check bellow for detailed instruction:

Go to Show reviews --> Widget settings --> Press the Manage button on the widget you want to customize

Appearance settings

This section is divided into 2 types: Basic settings (Available for all plans) and Advanced settings (Available from Essential plan)

Basic settings includes:

- Layout/ Rating icon/ Section settings/ Review sorting

- Summary settings (only applied for Product page)

- Customize text: change the text of the review widget as you want, you can also manual translate the text into your language.

- Edit with CSS: is used for further customization. Please make sure that you have knowledge of CSS/ coding to use this section

NOTE: each widget style (review box, review pops, carousel) will have its own Appearance settings

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Updated on: 08/03/2024

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