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Ali Reviews - How to personalize review widgets to boost your target traffic?


Do you know that Personalization allows you to successfully lead shoppers from your storefront to checkout? Shopify has admitted publicly that this is the case; you can read more about it here.

Ali Reviews’ widget settings support you to personalize your widget following pre-conditions setup. Here are some little steps needed to configure first before you set up your own personalization for your storefront to be more productivity

We have 3 types of widget personalization based on these widget types:

Review widget privacy: Control visitors who can see your review widgets based on their demography conditions such as: location, product tag, purchasing date, average order value and total spending amount.

Review personalization: Manage which review widgets are displayed in specified product categories such as: all products, in-cart product, specific products, product type.

Review options: Manage how reviews are displayed on storefront based on some conditions related to reviews itself: country, ratings, photos, contents, reviews hidden with keywords (Does not have this options on Review box on Product page)


Verify your customers’ information before using Review widget privacy
Review widget privacy allows you to show review widgets to a targeted group based on product tag, purchasing date, average order value and total spending in Review widget privacy. For your reference, this settings will only work when you have your customers logged in your store. To require the account on your store, you can follow bellow instructions:

Step 1. Sign in your Shopify admin account -> Select Checkout.
Step 2. In the Customer accounts section -> Select Accounts are required or Accounts are optional then Save.

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Updated on: 13/06/2022

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