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Ali Reviews - How to remove the leftover code after having the app uninstalled?

According to Shopify's new policy, you can remove our codes from your theme editor either before or after uninstalling the app.

Method 1: Remove code before app is uninstalled

On the Dashboard page, click on More option then select Remove Ali Reviews code. You can also find this guidance through the hyperlinked article at Learn more when hovering this section.

Confirm to remove code by selecting the Remove code button.
Please be noted that once you confirm, this action will proceed deleting all of our codes from all of your themes. The app will be no longer working on your store until you reinstall Ali Reviews.

After successfully deleting codes from themes, a notice modal will appear, redirecting you to the Shopify admin/app. Then all you have to do is tap the Delete button to uninstall Ali Reviews.

In case of unexpected issues happening while processing of removing codes, there’s also the failed notice modal popup appears for you either to try again (re-do the removing process) or contact us to support if needed, we’re here to help.

Method 2: Remove left-over code manually

You can simply follow these steps:

Go to your Online store - Theme - Find the Theme that you're using - Action - Edit Code.

Open product.liquid file (or your product template file) --> delete the review code as bellow

Search for alireviews-widget file in Sections --> Delete the widget files

For example: alireviews-widget-19.liquid (in which, 19 is the widget_id)

Then search for theme.liquid file.

Clicking CTRL + F to look for keyword “**alireviews_core**” and remove the code which we have mention below, don’t forget to SAVE it.

{% include 'alireviews_core' %}

4 Finally, search for alireviews_core.liquid file, then delete the whole file by click on the Delete button

You will be good from now on.

If it’s too hard for you, don’t be hesitate, please contact to us for helping you remove the code via live chat, or email us at

I hope this might be helpful for you and cleared your concern completely.

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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