We would love to show you how to get rid of it or remove it out of your site completely.

You can simply follow these steps:

Go to your Online store - Theme - Find the Theme that you're using - Action - Edit Code.

Open product.liquid file (or your product template file) --> delete the review code as bellow

Search for alireviews-widget file in Sections --> Delete the widget files

For example: alireviews-widget-19.liquid (in which, 19 is the widget_id)

3 Then search for theme.liquid file.

Clicking CTRL + F to look for keyword “**alireviews_core**” and remove the code which we have mention below, don’t forget to SAVE it.

{% include 'alireviews_core' %}

4 Finally, search for alireviews_core.liquid file, then delete the whole file by click on the Delete button

You will be good from now on.

If it’s too hard for you, don’t be hesitate, please contact to us for helping you remove the code via live chat, or email us at support@fireapps.io

I hope this might be helpful for you and cleared your concern completely.
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