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Ali Reviews - How to request reviews via SMS

SMS is one of the most convenient channels for communicating with your customers. Sending review request via SMS creates way higher chance to get your customers' opinions. Check bellow information to know how to use this feature.

Table of content:

I. Activate the SMS request

II. Create SMS content

III. Message delivery settings

IV. Top up your balance


Turn on the auto SMS request, so that it can schedule the SMS for the next new orders

Schedule the SMS sending time: This is count from the fulfillment date.

For instance: An order was fulfilled on February 27, 2023. You have scheduled the sending time was 7-days -> The SMS would be sent at March 3, 2023


Compose the message to encourage your customer to leave a review for your product

The submit review link will be auto placed at the end of the SMS. After click on the link, it will open the online form. At the moment, the submit review form is written in English as default. We will bring the option to customize the submit review form soon.

One message will contain a maximum number of characters. If your SMS contains more characters, it will be counted as 2 or more SMS. Detailed can be checked here


Message sender: You can set your message sender displayed under Global phone number (provided by Ali Reviews) or Brand name (Brand name is available from Essential plan)

Please check here to see the list of countries which is supported to display Brand name as SMS sender. If you are sending SMS to a customer from unsupported country, then the sender will be show as Global phone number

Quiet hours

Due to TCPA compliance, your messages are not allowed to send in quiet hours. This setting allows you to set the suitable quiet hours based on your target country to avoid disturbing them.

Message Break

A break between 2 messages to the same contact so that they don't feel like spam

NOTE: The SMS sending time will be also depended on the Message Delivery settings. If the message is scheduled on the Quiet hours or Message break, it will be delayed and will be resent later.


To start sending your SMS request, you will need to have money on your SMS wallet

On each plan, Ali Reviews provides you a one-time SMS credit

Beside that, you can also top up your balance any time to be able to keep your SMS request running smoothly.

More detailed is described in this article

After you activate the SMS campaign and Top up your wallet, the SMS will be scheduled as your configuration.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 03/07/2023

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