Within the new update on Ali Reviews 6.0, there are some changes in the UI, some sections are rearranged in the more logical way. In which, the Review Pops section is removed from the Main Menu.

This article includes 2 steps to set up the Review pops

Step 1: Add review pops widget

Step 2: Widget settings

- Look and Feel: Customize the look of the review pops
- Product options: Set which products' reviews can be displayed on the review pops
- Audience: Set target visitors to view the review pops
- Review options: Filter reviews to show on review pops
- Interaction: How your visitor interact with the review pops

From now, you can set Review Pops easily as a review widget in Show section.


From Ali Reviews Menu > Show

Choose the page > Add widget > Review pops


Click on the Widget > open the widget settings

Look and Feel

These settings cover the Theme settings in previous version. From here, you can customize the look of review pops

More information about this setting can be found here.

Product options

Show reviews of corresponding products based on the set conditions.

Check this article for more information


It will show reviews for all audience

Detect the audience based on the provided triggers

- Country: show the widget for audience from the specific countries.

- Tag/ Last purchase date/ Average order value/ Total spending in period: apply for verified customers, trigger works based on the information on your Shopify Customers list

Review options

Set the conditions to show the reviews. Only matched reviews can be show on the widget

You can change how the review pops interaction with visitors and vice versa

- Timing: Setting time for showing the review pops
- Click actions: some actions that visitors can interact with the pops
- Display limit: set the review pops session and loop

Remember to hit the save button after done these above settings

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