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Ali Reviews - How to top up to send SMS requests?

On Collect reviews section, you will see the SMS request menu --> Open the dropdown and choose Billing. From there, you can manage your balance and top up to keep sending the SMS requests.

Your balance

Your balance will include:

Promotion: The SMS credit which is rewarded when you first purchase a Paid plan. This amount is offered once, if you upgrade/ downgrade, the amount will be increased/ degreased depending on the plan you have chosen.

Top up: The one-time payment that you deposit to your SMS request wallet.

Top up your account

When the balance runs out of money, the SMS requests will be stopped from sending. To top up your balance, please hit the "Top up" button --> Select the amount that you want to deposit --> Approve the one-time charge.


You can top up $10, $50, $100 each time. If you require to top up more, please kindly contact our Customer support team via live chat, we will verify your request.

This is the one-time charge, it means it will not be recurred each month. You will need to manage it manually and top up again if the balance falls close to 0.

SMS Marketing should be working under the TCPA, for some situations, your store is not matched the requirements to use the SMS request. The result is that it's prevented you from topping up your balance. Please contact our support team if you have any questions about this.

Should you have any other concern, feel free to let us know via our live chat channel or email at

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Updated on: 27/02/2023

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