As a shop owner, you always want to get more reviews from purchased customers, you can use the Email Campaign feature to send emails asking for reviews after the orders fulfilled

To set up the Email campaign, please follow these steps:


Go to Collect reviews --> Request via Email --> turn on the Email campaign

Note: This feature only works with orders which are fulfilled after you Save the settings


- Please schedule the Email Request reviews according to your normally delivery time. The email should come after the item has been shipped.

- Customize trigger for specific country: to schedule the different Email sending time for some countries


- Prepare the content for your Email Request Review including Email Subject, banner, message, etc.

- Show multiple products option: showing multiple products in case the purchase has more than one item


- These settings are available to customize from Essential plan

- Custom Email header and footer

+ Send from: the Email address you want to show as the Sender's email
+ Email name: equal to the Shop name which will show as the Sender


For some reasons, you do not want to send email request review to buyer(s) and/or for product(s), please add the Users' email address Or the product name on the Blocklist section. This section is only available from Essential plan


- Email campaign won't work for all the orders have been purchased before your configuration. Please help to do send email manually if you want

- To follow your emails status. Check our guidance for better understanding.

- Turning off the button "Start Email Schedule" will not affect the scheduled mails as known as Pending mails. For making clear, the current pending email will be sent even if you turn off the button "Start Email Schedule", so if you do not want to send them, please go Email History to stop the Pending mails

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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