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Ali Reviews - Import reviews from Amazon

Ali Reviews provides an option to collect real reviews from the product's supplier on Amazon. To start collecting reviews from Amazon, please follow the bellow instruction

We suggest you to use Chrome for desktop with Ali Reviews extension installed to have a prompt importing process
Note: Reload the app before starting import reviews on the first time

On Import reviews menu, you will see the Amazon tab

Check Import Setting to set the general conditions of importing. Only reviews which match the condition can be imported

Select a product to import reviews

Click on the Import reviews button --> Insert Amazon's product URL

All done. You can now manage the imported reviews on Manage reviews tab


- You must have Essential plans or above to use this feature

- Please make sure to use the correct Amazon URL. Check this article to know which URL is validate

- Ali Reviews will import the reviews from latest to oldest according to the reviews' date on Amazon

- If you are using the local Amazon URL, the review date of all imported reviews will be the current date (the day you import reviews). For the Global URL (English), Ali Reviews will import the exact date from Amazon.

- Please be noted that according to Amazon policy, reviews from Amazon cannot be edited. You can decide to publish/ unpublish the reviews on your stores

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Updated on: 10/05/2023

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