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Ali Reviews - Integrate with Klaviyo

Having Ali reviews integrated with Klaviyo allows you to configure the automatic email flow when the buyer submits a review and it's published on your store.

With this integration, after a customer's review being published on your store, it will create an event "Ali reviews published" on Klaviyo
Note: For this basic integration, there's only one event at the moment, we will include more events on the future updates.

You can use this event to create a Thank you email/ Offer discount email when your customer give a feedback.

We will go through 2 parts on this articles:

Enable the integration

Create the Email flow using Ali Reviews trigger.


Create Klaviyo private API key

- You will need to have a Klaviyo account which connect to your Shopify store.

- From Klaviyo account settings --> API keys --> Create private API key OR access to this direct link:

- Copy the private API key

Go back to Ali reviews dashboard, open the Integration list on the left menu --> Integrate now --> Paste the private API key that you have created

Verify to complete the integration.

Note: If the API key is invalid, the integration will be unsuccessful. You will need to use the valid one.


Create the flow using Ali Reviews triggers

On the left menu, choose Flow --> Create flow --> Create from scratch (You can name it Ali Reviews)

Select Metric from Trigger setting --> Choose Ali Reviews published

Add the trigger filter as follow steps

Dimension: choose comment_id
Equals: choose doesn’t equal
Value: input 0

Add email into the flow and start to customize your email

Note: You can choose the template that we prepare on My Template list, then edit it as your need.

Remember to save your settings after finishing setting up and change the Flow's status to Live

When your customer write a review and it's published on your store, the trigger will work and create the email flow according to what you set on Klaviyo

To stop the integration or stop to send email based on review submitted trigger, please check this article

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 05/10/2022

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