Ali Reviews - Review box on Product page is not showing after adding via Ali Reviews

After you followed this instruction to add the review widget and make sure all the widget settings was correct. However, the review widget is still not showing on your online store, kindly check bellow step for manual installation

You are using more than 1 Product template

Go to your Online store - Theme - Find the Theme that you're using - Action - Edit Code.

Search for product.liquid file, the review widget's code will be auto added into the product.liquid file after you added the Review widget in app. Then copy that code
NOTE: each widget will have the relevant widget's ID, so the code is different.

Paste the copied code into the template that you are using

Finally, save it.

You are using Page Builder (such as Gempage, Pagefly...) or Theme App (such as LayoutHub...)

For Gempage, please refer this article

For Pagefly, please check this article

For other apps/ themes, at the moment, we have not completed the integration between the new version and those partners. So we will need to add the code manually into your PageBuilder/ Theme App. Please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at to get more help

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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