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Ali Reviews - Reward after customer writes a review via Review Request Email

To encourage customers to leave reviews via your Email campaign, you can notify the Reward on your Request Email.

To show the discount on your Auto Request, you will need to turn on the Discount options feature

Enable the Discount tag on your Review request via Email.

- Scroll down to Customization and turn on the Discount tag on Review Request tab

- In case you turn on the Discount settings, but turn off the Discount tag. The Discount code will not included in the Review request, but if buyer writes a review (via Email), the discount code will still be sent.

All done. Save the settings. Please be noted the changes on Email settings cannot be applied for the scheduled emails, it will only affect to the up coming request.

After submit the reviews, it will show the Thank you message with the Discount code that you set on Discount options settings.

Note: The Thank you message will show as how you set on Discount options setting. However, Thank you email are not editable at the moment, it will be auto sent from our ends

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 22/06/2022

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