Sample reviews import feature has its own settings, this article will explain how these settings work

Firstly, you need to go to Collect reviews > Collect from AliExpress or select from Sample Library --> Open the Import Settings on the top right

There will have 3 options to customize.

Reviews Quantity Per Import

Choose Random option (recommended) if you want to get a random number of reviews per import.
Choose Fixed option if you want all products having same quantity of reviews for every imports.

NOTES: You have Maximum 1500 reviews filtered from the first 500 review pages of AliExpress link.

Rating Options

You can choose the percentage for good and bad rating before publishing to help your store not look like fake one.

For example, you can set Good rating (3 stars reviews and up) to be imported with 90%, and Bad rating (from 1 star to 2 stars reviews) will be automatically adjusted 10% to balance the value 100%

NOTE: Percentage numbers have to be in prime numbers (From 1 to 100)


Male and Female ratio with percentage should be in total 100%. You can adjust it based on your choice.

There are some limitations with import sample reviews function in Starter and Essential plan. For more detail can be found here.

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