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Ali Reviews - What will happen with my data when I upgrade, or downgrade my plan?

Please read this article to know what will happen with the reviews when you change your plan.


If you are going to upgrade, you will need to approve charge, and all data will be remained the same, and you can also experience the better features of Ali Reviews.
Please refer our pricing plan here.


There will have some limitations as bellow

- Reduce the number of reviews per products: If it reaches the limit, you won't able to publish more reviews

- Reduce number reviews per import

- Reduce to number orders per month: if the orders per month have reached each plan's limitation, you cannot schedule the Email campaign for the new orders.

- Advanced settings will be blocked for Starter plan, all the settings will be saved as before, but you cannot change it. When you remove the old widget or change theme, the settings will be reset to default. To change the advanced settings, please consider the higher plan.

- Limit in used of some features: more detailed can be checked on the Pricing page

Note: Reviews will be published according to the plan's limitation.

For example: On Starter, you will have 500 reviews/ product. If your product has 600 reviews, only 500 reviews will be published, the rest will be unpublished. You can manage the reviews before or after downgrading

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Updated on: 14/10/2022

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