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Ali Reviews - Why are my reviews in CSV file not imported?

You have many reviews in your CSV file, but only a few of them can be imported. Please check this article to find the reasons and solutions for each problem

Showing error "No valid data found to import"

- Please check if the review data is filled incorrectly. Check this article for more information

- Please make sure the file format is correct. Do not remove any columns from the CSV file.

Showing error "Upload failed. 5MB file size limit"

The CSV file size must not be bigger than 5MB. The Import process might take time if the file size is big

Characters limitation

We limit 2000 characters in each field. If any field contains more than 2000 characters, the review will be skipped

Please check the text, especially in Content, to not reach the characters limitation

Reach limit of reviews per product

The reviews can be imported until it reaches the limit reviews / products of each plan

For example;
- In Starter plan, you can have max 500 reviews/ product.
If there is 0 reviews in this product, you can import and publish max 500 reviews
If the product has 100 reviews, you can import and publish more 400 reviews.
If the product has 500 reviews, no review can be imported.
To import further reviews, please consider to upgrade. Check this article to know which plans we are offering

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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