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Ali Reviews - Why can't I import reviews via Ali Express? Import reviews is not working?


In order to import reviews successfully, at first please make sure that you have met these following requirements:

1. Make sure there are reviews showing on Customer reviews tab on Ali Express.

If there's no review here, Ali Reviews will not able to import, and you will need to find another product link to get reviews.

If it asks you to verify, please kindly slide the button to verify. Then the reviews will show up.

2. The Review box widget is presented properly on your Product page as the below

Your product URLs MUST look like:

 Here're some examples of product links whose URLs are INCORRECT:

 - []

 - []

 - []

4. We recommend you to install Ali Reviews Chrome Extension for prompt importing process

Try to remove, and re-install it to see if any changes.

If this is the first time you install Ali Reviews extension, please kindly refresh the app before pressing the Import button to have it worked


1. Check Import Settings

If everything is well set up, please follow this guide: 

Go to Import reviews > Ali Reviews > Import Settings

Check Review Filter settings, sometimes due to your filter settings, the app cannot find any review that matches all the criteria.

For example

We auto detect and exclude the reviews contain some keyword, with the purpose of increasing the quality of the reviews.
You choose to import reviews with Photo only, but actually, in Ali Express, there is no reviews which has pictures.
You want to have reviews from some specific countries. However, there is also no reviews match that condition. As a result, you need to change settings in order to import reviews from other countries, or choose another product.
Check the Review Quantity Per Import, If you choose Random Quantity, make sure that the reviews in Ali Express are not lesser than what you set.
Check Skip Reviews with Keywords box, please make sure no mark (comma, dot...) or symbol ($, &...) on the list

2. Install a VPN app and try again

We found that for some specific countries, AliExpress is blocking users from those countries to import reviews. Therefore, we suggest you to try to install a VPN app, and try importing again.

You can consider to download and use this Touch VPN app here.

We hope this helps.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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