You have done setting the review pops. However, they are not popping into your online store. Please check this article to learn some possible causes of this concern.

Make sure the Product Options are set correctly

- There are 2 options: to show all products' reviews OR to show specific products' reviews

- In case you add product option based on the Triggers, please make sure those products have reviews

Review options settings

If there is no review which match your Review options settings, then no review pops show on the online store.

For example, all the reviews do not contain photo, but in Photo Options, you only tick on With photo option, as a result, no reviews is matched, and nothing to show in the end.

Check the Audience settings to see if you enable the review pops to all audience or to some specific countries

Review pops feature is only available from Ali reviews 5.0. Make sure you are not using the older version than that

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