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Ali Reviews - Why my reviews do not show on online store?

For some reasons, the reviews are not showing on your store. Please kindly check this article to find the causes and how to resolve this issue.

Add review widget

Please make sure you add the review widget on your store.

Follow this instruction for more information

If the reviews widget are not showing after adding. Please follow this troubleshooting

Import reviews

You need to import reviews and have them published so that they can show on your store

You can import reviews via Ali Express, import sample reviews, import review from other apps via CSV file, import your own reviews via CSV file OR ask your customer to write manual reviews

Review options settings (Personalization tab)

For All pages except Product page. You can set the Review Options on Personalize tab to filter which reviews can be showed on the widget.

Please make sure that your reviews match the settings here

Review widget privacy (Personalization tab)

You can set which visitor can view the widgets. Visitor who does not match the setting will not see the reviews

In case you have checked all above points, but you cannot figure why the reviews are not showing on your store. Please contact us via live chat or email us at to get further support

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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