Banners: Everything you need to know

We offer our banners in 5 most popular formats which would be easy for you to implement on your websites. The banners is exclusively designed with eye-catching text and colors to draw customers’ attention and convert clicks into purchase, help you earn more commission!

How to add Banners on my website?

In order to select Banners, please tab on Banners from the side menu on your Dashboard:

Select the app that you want to promote. Please note that we’re currently applying affiliate program for Ali Reviews only.
Process towards, you can choose a banner style with the slogan that you think would fit the most on your website and can attract more clicks.
Last step, we will show you all sizes of the banner you just selected, just slide back and forth to choose a size, there is an HTML code box below the picture, you just need to copy and paste it into your website.

Where should I put the Banners?

Before you start applying our Banners, just think about what visitors usually do on your websites, and place a banner on a page or section that can attract the most attention. 

Always place the banner above the fold and don’t crowd it with other images if you want the visitors to know that your banner is a clickable and dynamic image. 

Which size should I choose for my Banner?

Banners with wider sizes convey the slogan clearer and let the visitors read more text at a  glance, which may convert into more clicks and eventually more purchase. The most successful banners on desktop are usually wider than 300 pixels, while the square ones with size of 200x200 pixels and 250x250 pixels are most effective on mobile devices.

And a tip that you should know is, horizontal banners are more friendly with readers and tend to perform better than vertical ones. So, choose your banner widely to drive good traffic and boost your earnings.

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Updated on: 04/10/2020

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