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In this new pricing plan, you could feel free to downgrade to Free plan if you want as long as you have not reached 2000 words yet and you've translated only one language. If not, you need to wait until your current billing cycle with your paid plan ends, then you could downgrade to Free plan to continue using the app with limited functions in Free plan.

For example:

Case 1:
You're in Starter plan and you've already translated over 20,000 words. That means it exceeded 2000 words limit in Free plan so you have to wait until your current billing cycle with Starter plan ends, then you could downgrade to Free plan. And of course, you will be noticed exactly when you can downgrade your plan through an in-app message like this popup.

For other plans, it also works as the same rule, on the current billing cycle, you could downgrade from Essential plan to Starter plan if you have not reached the words limit in Starter plan yet. Otherwise, please check this article for more detail.

Case 2:
You have not reached 2000 translated words yet but you have translated 2 languages or even more in Starter plan before, you also cannot downgrade to Free plan at that moment because it's related to the limitation in Free plan. So you have to remove some languages then you could downgrade to Free plan.

Case 3:
Especially, if you're new user and you've already had more than one target language before (come from Shopify languages or installed from other apps), you need to remove those languages first as the below steps. Then you could choose Free plan at this case.

Go ahead to Shopify admin > Settings > Store language

Click on Unpublish button

Lastly click on Dustbin icon to remove those target languages completely.

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