In this newest update, we're happy to inform you that we've researched and collected all Product variants (e.g. Size, Color, ...) successfully into the app so you all can feel free to edit its translation as you wish.

Because some variants like size (S, M, L, XL) or gender (M, F) or color are quite difficult to translate the meaning correctly as 100% your expectation for each target language.
Therefore, we will keep its content in target language as same as original in default language and also exclude Product variants from our translation system so that you can find contents and edit its translation manually in Product page in-app for the best translation quality as your preference.


Go to Product page --> Edit button --> Under Option element (Color, Size, Gender title) you will see a new element called Variant which collect all variants such as size (S, M, L, XL) or Color (Red, Yellow, White), etc --> you can edit its translation manually as your preference in the right panel for target language --> then Save

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