Achieving the level of 90 points for mobile speed on Google PageSpeed Insights is an ideal scene that most stores owner would love to reach after optimizing. With Swift Expert service, we always try our best to boost your score as high as possible. However, the result depends on many different elements as follows:

1. Your store's theme structure

Theme structure is the basic element determining your loading speed. If the essence of the theme is slow then the score is not expected to be as high as a well-structured theme.

In most cases, we always recommend our customers to use a theme submitted on Shopify themes store because themes submitted successfully on that platform has to follow strict rules of Shopify for speed performance. In details, only themes having a minimum average Lighthouse performance score of 60 across the theme's product, collection, and home page, for both desktop and mobile can be displayed on Shopify themes store. You can refer to this article for more information.

Besides, if you use Page Builder app to build your page, your website will need more time to load the content from Page Builder app server to your site although Page Builder would be a convenient choice for owners to design the website. It's a trade-off for you to balance the benefits between design and speed performance.

2 . Unoptimizable elements in your website

Elements considered heavy, lowering your speed performance, and cannot be optimized are videos played in background or GIFs. Therefore, to reach a higher score, the only way here is to remove those elements and replace normal images to make the site load faster.

3. The loading style you want for your website

For some specific cases, our Swift Experts would require for changing the loading style to reduce the initial loading time. Following changes are some example we may require:

- Delay the loading of first image until there is action from visitors on your page. Action there can be scroll the page (on mobile) or hover the mouse (on desktop). Once the visitors have any action, the image will be shown right away. This technique is applied when your first image is too heavy and your page has to wait for a long time to load it first. By doing that, your page will be able to load completely without having to wait for that image. It is normal that every body when come to your page will scroll or hover the mouse to see your pages so this technique will not affect much on the quality of your visitors experience.

-. Stop auto sliders, the visitors have to slide or click on the arrow to see the next slider. Auto playing sliders requires sophisticated CSS and may be calculated as heavy issues on Google PageSpeed Insights. In that case, if you still want the auto slider function to work, we have to accept that the score can not get high level as expected.

4. The third-party apps you use for your store's functionalities

There are some third-party apps containing heavy Javascripts that can not be optimized. Because those heavy scripts are essential for the app's functionalities, optimizing them will cause bugs to the app's function. In that situation, we will recommend you alternative apps which same functions but lighter scripts to improve your speed.

In conclusion, there are many different factors affecting your website speed performance and only after investigating your code structure in an intensive way can we tell you exactly what is optimizable and what needs changing. Having your store optimized by our Expert and follow our recommendations, your website speed performance would be able to get flying color speed score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

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