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We always listen and understand demand and expectation from all customers all the time. Now we're so happy to inform you that we have released Premium function trial for FREE 7 DAYS for all users who're in Free plan or Starter plan.

So you could feel free to experience 3 powerful functions includes Auto Translate, Translate 3rd Party Elements , Media Translate for FREE in 7 days.

You could click on GET TRIAL NOW button in the left bottom panel in Dashboard OR "Try for free now" button in every specific Premium feature which you want to try 7-day trial for Premium functions.

After that, you could start testing our Premium feature in free 7 days.

For example: I'm in Starter plan and get started to try 7 days Premium function trial so I could unblock Auto Translation and Media Translation within 7 days.

After you active this trial successfully, you will see this notice shows that Your trial will end in X days with X is your current available trial days.

The picture below for an example:

After your 7 FREE days for Premium function trial ends, this popup will appear to alert you the trial has ended. So you could consider upgrading to Higher plans to continue using Premium functions by clicking on Upgrade now if you want Or click on Maybe later to consider it then.


If you're still within Premium Function trial days, you could upgrade to higher plans to continue using the app but once you have upgraded your plan, that means your Premium function trial will end also. You cannot re-activate this trial anymore.

After your trial end, all features will be ineffective and you'll be unable to use these Premium functions. However, you could Upgrade to a Higher plan which these features available to continue using them and obviously all previous Settings when you set up in trial are still saved. So you will not have to worry about losing last customization or setting.

Also you could have a look on this article for more details about our pricing plan.

Individual user is able to use this free 7-day trial for Premium function for only one time. Once the trial is active then you cannot re-activate it even if after you have upgraded plan or uninstalled then re-installed the app.

Please be advised that the Premium Function trial WILL NOT affect to your Available words also. So if your available words run out, please choose Buy more word OR upgrade to higher plan to get more words translated.

And this Premium function trial just is for only purpose to test out all functions, definitely WILL NOT cost any fee after the trial end so no worries.

Hope you enjoy our app!

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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