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Displaying and customizing Review Badge

Displaying review badges that show the average star rating of your store or a product, enhances authenticity and credibility, thereby encouraging informed purchasing decisions. This article provides a step-by-step guide on adding the Review Badge via the app block and quickly customizing it in the theme editor.

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Add Review Badge block in the theme editor
Customize the Review Badge widget

Heads-up: Before customizing the widget, you need to enable Ali Reviews Core Snippet. To let the widget appear on your storefront, remember to toggle it on at the top right corner of the Review Badge widget settings page in the Ali Reviews app.

Add Review Badge block in the theme editor


From the Ali Reviews dashboard, navigate to the side menu on the left, click Show Reviews.
In the Review Badge section, click the button Customize next to it. This will open the theme editor in a new tab.

Another way to access the theme editor and add the Review Badge via the app block in the theme:

From the Shopify Sales channels, click Online store > click Customize in the current theme section. This will open the theme editor.

In the theme editor, select one page you want to add the Review Badge on: Homepage, product page, or collection page.
On the left sidebar, click Add block > Apps > search “Ali Reviews” > select Review Badge Ali Reviews.
You can also drag and drop the Review Badge widget to the position you want.

Customize the Review Badge widget

The Review Badge widget customization allows you to adjust various settings to display the average star rating of product(s) effectively.

Reviews Selection

Select template: Select from Highlight, Minimal, Shield, Power, Trust, or Ingenious.
Verified text: Maximum 16 characters.
Select products (optional):
Default: If you skip this step, the system will:
+ Show the average rating of the viewed product on product pages.
+ Display the average rating of all reviews on other pages.
Specific products: If you choose to select specific products:
+ The system will show the average rating for the selected products (up to 10).
Scaling: Adjust the size of the review badge to fit your store's style.
Manage app: Open the Ali Reviews app for management options.
Remove block: Delete the Review Badge widget from the display.

After adding the Review Badge and customizing it, remember to click Save to show this widget in your store.

Tip: Read this article for more information about upgrading to the new version of review widgets.

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Updated on: 13/06/2024

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