As you may know, currently there are many existing affiliate programs which allow shop owners earn commissions by generating sales. By using Premium subscription plan available with Premium plan, you will be able to receive cashback from orders you placed with supplier(s) in AliExpress.

Getting started

As soon as you receive an order from your buyer, and you use Ali Orders to place and purchase goods from supplier(s) in AliExpress , an unique affiliate link will be generated that lets the affiliate program know the order is coming from you. As a result, you will get a small percentage of money you paid back to your account. 

How much can you earn for each sale?

The commission rates are different depending on the what type of products you can generate sales from.

AliExpress Affiliate program

Admitad Affiliate program

How it works

At the moment, Ali Orders supports both AliExpress and Admitad affiliate program, and both of them are free-of-charge to join. 

Once your registration for the affiliate program is approved, you will be able to get your affiliate ID from the confirmation email, or by accessing your personal AliExpress/Admitad account.

Next, go to Settings >> Affiliate programs, and fill in your affiliate ID information:

Reference: Video - Highlight Features For Premium User

For more information, contact AliExpress support here, or Admitad support here.
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