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Does Ali Reviews integrate with Google Rich Snippets?


When you install Ali Reviews completely, Google Rich Snippets will be integrated automatically after the products have reviews

You can check your Google Console to see if the Rich Snippets are integrated well on your products. If it does not work automatically on some products, you can simply follow the following steps to fix it:

Go to Manage reviews
Select one Product that you want to add Rich snippet
Click on Rich Snippets button --> Update


Google Rich Snippets integration is available from the Starter and higher plans.

We will add AggregateRating to your store,

Your store will need either Review or AggregateRating or Offers, so you might see it recommends you to add review filed. This is only Optional, it would not affect your Rich Snippet, please do not worry.

You can use this tool to test your Rich Result:

When you review the Result, you will see the Rating stars are showing on the Google searching results.

I hope this might be helpful for you.

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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