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Get to know Online Visitors

|n the purpose of Online Visitors, you can know which sources they contact you and from that you can proactively chat with them if necessary.

There are 4 filters set by default including:

Search for something to buy

Viewing product

Added product to cart

Check out successfully

In case you want to create more triggers, please refer to this article.

The main purpose of the filters

- Based on each appropriate filter, you can know exactly which sources and how many visitors contact you. By doing so, you can take the initiative to chat with them, especially you probably statistic which sources your visitors contact you and have a suitable strategy for your business.

How to assign to take care those filters

- The person who clicks on the button "Chat" will take care this chat.

- Also, your staff will be notified properly when any visitor match trigger conditions. You can set in Notification from Triggers.

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Updated on: 24/11/2021

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