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Getting to know about in-app settings

In this article, we will go through the settings in-app which help your app's experience become more efficient

On the Navigation --> Open Settings tab

I. General

Email request reviews: Setting the email information which will be visible to customers in their inboxes when you send them review request emails and review response emails.

Notification: Ali Reviews will send email to notify you when your customers leave reviews/ questions on your store. You can disable or change the email address which receive those notifications.

Time zone: You can change the app time zone into yours, so that it would easier for you to track the app performance, such as: time to send Email/SMS request, time to update XML file

Language: in-app language. We currently translate Ali Reviews into 3 languages (English, Chinese, Portuguese)

II. Pricing

- Showing all available plans and detailed description of each plan. You can switch to another plan by pressing the "Get Started" button. If you have any question about our plan, please feel free to contact our support team

- Pause plan: temporarily pause the app's subscription for a period of time. You cannot access to the app and the reviews are hidden, but we keep our data saved in our server. You can get back anytime

Should you need more assistance, please contact our Customer Support team via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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