Most of people usually meet trouble with their CSV file when uploading. Please have a look at some common errors as the following, and how you can solve it. 

Your publish date format is incorrect

Please pay attention on your publish date and revise it with correct format: mm/dd/yyyy

Error 1: All required fields are incorrect

This error will appear when your required content from CSV file is missed.

SOLUTION: please download the template in Step 1 again, and enter the needed data for the main fields including Customer country, Customer name, Rating, etc.

Error 2: The input file format is not valid

There are 6 main columns including Customer country, Customer name (Male), Customer name (Female), Rating, Content, Published Date.
If you changed its name or position (in the 1st row) compared to our template, this error will appear.

SOLUTION: Please keep above fields fixed.

Error 3: Incorrect country code

If your country code is incorrect, this error will appear.
For example, US is a correct country code, but you typed USA, so the error will appear.

SOLUTION: please correct country code, in the above example, it should be US.

NOTE: To make sure you can type the country code correctly, please go Get Reviews >> Import Setting >> AliExpress >> Select Country, and search which country code you want to find. 

Error 4: Wrong format

Your template is messed up as wrong format after downloading from our template. Please kindly follow our instruction:

Upload your CSV file and edit it with any available spreadsheet tool (Google Sheet, Microsoft Excel, Apple Number, etc.)

Download template .csv file to your computer.

Note: If you use Macbook, you should upload/edit you file in Google Sheet to avoid getting format error. Then download file again from Google Sheet, save it.

Error 5: Review content is over 950 characters.

Please recheck your review content to shorten or delete it.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat, or email us at
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