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How can I use Ali Hunter extension on AliExpress?

You can simply go to AliExpress > Choose product page of the product you want to use Ali Hunter on it.

Then the information of that product will be popped up with our app icon Ali Hunter.

There are 5 sections you can check with our app:

Products summary

All information about Pricing, Amounts of Feedback, Rating of that products.

From Other Sellers: Helps you to compare which suppliers would have this product and easy to compare the rating/ranking/orders.

Supplier summary

Information about suppliers:

How long has this suppliers been working on Ali Express (This could reduce the mistake wasn't in any purpose for your action later on).
Positive feedback: This section which shows you the reviews of that suppliers so you can decide to get it or not.
Followers: the ranking of the popularization of that supplier on Ali Express.
Total products: how massive the supplier is.
Best  Selling Products: This section will show you their 4 products which have the best sales in total.
Trending Products: Top 4 trending products.

Price history

Easier for you when you have a good vision and directly about the changing price presented by the chart. 

Orders history

Where is a good potential area for your products to be sold. Which country should you push more about marketing/ads. 

NOTE: It will be shown the history of 3 months in latest.

Buyer’s Photos

This function simply helps you to have a look of the information about the reviews without going directly to the reviews section. Build up more trust and worthy for your products to your customers. You can simply download and edit the image as the way you want and bring it back to your site again.

In case you have any queries later, please feel free to contact us via our live chat, or our email at

Updated on: 05/10/2020

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