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How can I use Ali Hunter extension on Shopify store?

There are 4 sections which you have to notice:

Shop information

This section will be shown on every single page of any Shopify store. You don’t need to know anything related to code. You can simply check which theme store owner is using. The amount of products which store owner is selling will be shown on this section as well.

Best-selling products: shown maximum is 4 items which are the best selling on top of another included the price/update date. You can simply click on View more… for getting more best-selling products to be shown.

Shop Product List

You can simply use our Ali Hunter tool for checking all the products which are available on this store. Moreover, you can export all products existing on visiting store to a CSV file by clicking on Export List button in the top right of extension.

NOTE: Please notify about the date to filter the right products list that you would like to export to CSV file.

3. Product information: Information about the product which you are looking at. How long has this product been selling? Especially, you don’t need to waste time on Ali Express to find suppliers for those products. It’s included in Find seller on AliExpress button. Shorten your times so much !!!

Shop Apps Lists

You can simply check which app store owner using, and follow up to build up your site/store as same as his, it will be linked with 250+ apps front end with the most popular/well-known and obviously, there will be a link for your to get the app easily. 

In case you have any queries later, please feel free to contact us via our live chat, or our email at

Updated on: 05/10/2020

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