Depend on conditions which you choose with Visitor's browser language or Visitor's country, customer can see a specific language on his/her side.

Store default language: visitor will view store under store default language.

Please turn on Auto switch language button to see other detected language options. If the detected language is not one of your target languages, your store will be displayed in store default language.

Visitor's browser language: Transcy app will auto-detect visitor’s browser language to display responsive language switcher.
Visitor's country: Transcy app will auto-detect visitor’s locations based on his/her country to display responsive language switcher.

If you are selling products internationally, we do recommend you:

Set English as your store default language, and other local languages as Target because English can be understood by most users.
Go to Automation > Location scan > Enable Auto switch language by location and choose Visitor's country, because not 100% users will use local language in their browsers.

For example, you want to set up Portuguese for visitors from Brazil automatically, and English for other visitors, make sure you have Portuguese (Brazil) in Target language list, and choose option Visitor's country.

Otherwise, if you think your users are from one country only, feel free to set local language as Store default language, and choose Store default language in Language Settings section.

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