The order of Target Language appears in the list according to the following rules:

First time adding target languages, Target Language in-app will be displayed in the order following which be selected at dropdown list from the oldest language to the latest one added. The first one added on the dropdown list will be shown up at the top. And the last one will be at the bottom of the list in-app.


Adding Chinese (Simplified), Dutch in Basic language list, and then Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Korean in Advance language list into the app.

All these languages will be displayed sequentially like this. Chinese (Simplified) is the first target language added so it will be at the top and then next target languages.

NOTE: Especially, at the first adding, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) will be placed next to each other. But if you add 2 these Chinese characters at 2 adding times separately, it will follow the normal rule below like other target languages.

The next time you add other target languages to the app, the target languages ​​will continue to be displayed below the previously added target languages.

Example: Continue adding Arabic to Basic language and Italian to Advance language.

User can change the position of Target Languages ​​in the list in-app by Pin/Unpin.

The language with the closest pin will be at the top of the list.

Unpin a target language will revert that language back to its previous position.

In Switcher

The display order of published target language in-app is also the same order displayed in the Dropdown Switcher.

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