At Swift Expert Service, we bring an in-depth optimization for Shopify stores with 100% guarantee for a lighter and faster site through process as following:

Using specialized tools to measure and analyze your store speed performance before optimizing.

Providing a detailed Evaluation Report about our findings and recommended actions to improve performance.

Depending on real situation considering the store structure, we might optimize your store using these techniques, including but not limited to:

- Lazy load images and videos
- Minify JS/CSS code
- Implement preloading tactics
- Optimize CSS and Liquid code
- App analysis

Providing Assessment Report with detailed results in statistics after optimizing.

Guarantee a lighter and faster site.

Including all the above services, we are pleased to offer a full package optimization with a price of $150 per optimization. We’re proud that we can provide our customers the most reasonable price on the market to improve their store speed. Below is the comparison chart between ours and other speed services for your reference:

Thanks for your reading, please feel free to let us know if you need any assistance via live chat or email
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