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How message`s character affects message length?

There are some rules for SMS and MMS in counting character per message as following:


The maximum number of character is 1600 characters
In case it exceeds 1600 characters, the error pop-up will show


The character limit for a single SMS is 160 characters, but the number of character is still depened on GSM and UCS-2 rules:

- GSM (without diacritics) : 160 characters

- UCS-2 including diacritics or special symbols such as emoji like this (^^): 70 characters

How the character affects the length of message

The length of preview or test message is different from real message which has been sent to real customers, so the length of real message will be longer, because it will generate customer name and link in the message content

Please kindly notice that messages which are longer than 160 characters will be split into 2 messages or more. To avoid being split into 2 messages or more, you should recheck your message if it includes diacritics, special symbols such as emoji.

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Updated on: 11/12/2020

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