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You could replace/edit your translation content manually for any pages/elements in your store easily by

Clicking on Translation > Manage Translation > Edit translation
Choose page/element you want to edit.


In each page/element, you could easily check all statuses.

There are 4 translation statuses you may see, and you can click on Status tab to sort them, including Update needed, Untranslated, Translated, Translating.

You could edit translated content in any particular product page by clicking on the pencil icon or the product name.

Then choose any element and language that you want to edit > edit the content as you want in the target translation section at the right side > Save

OR you could translate any content again that you want > click on Translate > preview all element options before translating (you could check or uncheck any options that you want) > Translate page

Then get back to your product page > choose the language on Switcher > view the result.

That's all and hope you enjoy with our app

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