In each page/element, you could easily check all statuses.

There are 4 translation statuses you may see on Status column including Partially translated, Untranslated, Translated, Translating.

Please click here to understand more about all translation statuses

Translation --> Manage Content --> select target language --> view all statuses for all pages or click on each particular page to check the translation status fully.

We just have a little bit of changes on UI recently including Sync button added in-app to help users experience the app better and easier so you might see a new display like this in Manage Content now, but the function and the flow to edit the translation still works normally as same as before.

Auto synced: these resources will be updated automatically in realtime. Manual synced: these resources will be updated at a specific time or you can update them manually by click "Sync" button. More details, click here.


You could replace/edit your translation content manually for any pages/elements in your store easily by

Clicking on Translation --> Manage content --> select target language --> choose the page type --> Edit button

Example: Product

Choose which product page you want to edit the translation --> Edit button

Choose element you want to edit the content in the target translation section at the right side --> Save

Check the edited translation on your online store


You can use these tools in-app to bold/underline/hyperlink, insert image, etc for your description translation.

For inserted image size limit is maximum 10MB

If you have changed/updated new contents for default language in Shopify. You could edit translated content/ re-translate content in any particular product page by clicking on the Edit button or the product name.

Example: You have changed the title of a specific product in Shopify before and need to re-translate content in-app to update the new translation for this product title

Go back to the app --> Manage content --> select target language --> choose Product type --> choose the product page that you want to re-translate the title --> click on Edit button

Choose product name element --> click on Translate button

Confirm to re-translate --> Translate now --> Save

The app has re-translated and updated the new translation for the product title

Then get back to your product page on online store --> choose the target language on Switcher --> view the result.

NOTE: Please be advised that you can only edit the translation for Advance language type, can't edit the translation for Basic language type, please check here to learn more.

In case you do not add target language for Advance language yet, you (paid user) will see this notification when opening Manage content

That's all and hope you enjoy our app.

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