After imported products to Ali Orders app, you can go Import List -> Variants tab to set price for your product manually.

In the Shipping column, click on Shipping to -> select country and shipping method to see the shipping cost (This shipping cost is based on AliExpress).

In the Price column (This is the prices you want it to show on your storefront),  you can edit the price in each of product variant manually based on product Cost and Shipping, or set price for all your variants in bulk by clicking on Change All button. Check the Profit column to ensure your expected profit.

Set New Value: Enter a specific price that will be applied for all the variants.

Multiply: Multiply the original product price (Cost column) as many times as you want.

Plus: Plus allows you to added new price on top of the original product price (Cost column).

In the Compare At Price column, to create artificial product sales in your Shopify store. You can edit the price in Compare At Price column manually or use Change All button. If you don’t want to show compare price, simply select Change All > Set New Value > Enter 0 > Apply.

Changes are saved automatically, therefore, once you are done, click "**Push To Shop**" button and check the result at your storefront.

Reference: Video - How To Push Product To Shopify Store

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