From now on, we would love to bring a new function that can help you migrate translation from Shopify Translate & Adapt to our Transcy app just one click.

If you've used Shopify Translate & Adapt app before and then want to move to our app, definitely you can easily import/migrate translation from their app to Transcy quickly.


Only apply for Advance language type
Only availabe from Basic plan and higher
Do Migrate action in Manage Content

How to migrate

Go to Manage Content --> click Migrate translation button

Click Migrate now on popup --> wait a few minutes



Please be advised that during migration process, our system will sync translation data from Shopify Translate & Adapt app to Transcy as well as update the status of those translations in Manage Content.

For example:

You already have the old translation of the collection page in Shopify Translate & Adapt before. You have not translated collection page yet in our app so its status showing as Untranslated. Now you want to import translation of collection page from Shopify Translate & Adapt to our app without translating again in Transcy.

You just need to click Migrate translation button then it will help you migrate translation of collection page as welll as update its status into Translated.

Hope this function will help you a lot in managing translation quickly.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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