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How to schedule my email sending time

Review request email should be sent right time after your customer receives the items. By default, Ali Reviews send the emails 15-day after the order fulfilment.

At the moment, Ali Reviews can only set the sending time from the fulfilment date. Based on your basic delivery time, please manually calculate how long it takes to send the email after the fulfillment date.

Schedule Email timing

The Email will be auto scheduled when the order is marked as Fulfilled according to the below settings.

Note: Some countries might have different delivery time. So you could set the different Email timing for those countries.


- We have set the default filter for the store's country with the sending time is 7-day.

- Please be informed that the Trigger for All countries cannot be removed. Please consider to use the Blocklist function.

- The Request Emails will be auto scheduled after the orders are fulfilled. Those scheduled emails won't stop sending after you disable the Campaign, please go to Request Dashboard and cancel the Scheduled emails if you do not want to send them

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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