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How to set up Automated Campaign?

For Automated Campaign, you need to set up an automation flow to send text messages based on triggers and conditions. "Triggers" are conditions that start automations. With them, you are able to specify exactly how contacts will be added to automations so that they can proceed through your workflow.

There are two main steps to set up an automation flow:

Select the event that triggers your automation
Add action step for the event

1. Select the event that triggers your automation

There are four main events as following:

Awareness: customers intent to buy product, they are in the status of choosing, thinking or considering about their choice. This event includes Added as customer, Follow, Unfollow, View product and Vist store.

Consideration: customers may forget or consider their payment for buying product on checkout page. Sending a reminder text message to a contact who has abandoned a checkout. This encourages them to comeback and complete their purchase. This events includes Abandoned checkout and First abandoned checkout.

Decision: the final step to decide their choice whether they buy their chosen products or not. This events includes Cancel order, Complete order, Create order, First complete order, Fulfill order and Make order payment.

Campaign activity: sub-actions including Click link in messages and Receive SMS in order to increase more interaction with your expected campaign.

For example:

I choose "Abandoned checkout" trigger from Collection event. Here I can create various Trigger Filter for one event.

2. Add action step for the event

There are 3 different kinds of actions including:



Two actions including Sending SMS/MMS and Contacts are required whereas Actions is your optional. Therefore, you need to add one of actions of Send SMS/MMS or Contacts to complete your flow.


Set up "Schedule and Audience" and the content of "Send SMS/MMS" to a target audience. Its steps are the same steps as how to set up Standard Campaign.


In Actions has 3 subsidiary actions such as If/Else, Split test and Delay. With these sub action, you can use conditionals to create messages whose content changes dynamically based on the recipient. so this can be a powerful technique you can use to boost engagement with your newsletter.

- If/Else: using "conditionals" to personalize the message`s content to the recipient and generate a better response.

- Split test: testing out how different messages work for your goals, whether this is to increase the response rate or sales, or to reduce the unsubscribe rate.

- Delay: waiting for a certain period of time, or until conditions are met. In some specific cases, you need to use this action to avoid spam message.


In Contacts action has 4 subsidirary actions including Add tag, Remove tag, Follow and Unfollow. In general, with those actions, you can allow your contact whether they will recieve message from your campaign or not.

Add tag: This trigger begins an automation when a tag you specify is applied to a contact.
Remove tag: This trigger begins an automation when a tag you specify is removed from a contact.
Follow: Mark contacts as followers. They will start receiving messages from your campaigns.
Unfollow: Unfollow contacts who are currently followers. They will stop receiving your messages.

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Updated on: 16/10/2020

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