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How to set up Message Delivery?

Message Delivery has 3 main elements:

Message Sender
Quiet Hours
Message Break

1. Message Sender

You can set your message sender displayed under Global phone number or Brand name

With Brand name display, those countries listed are being supported by us

If your messages reach out of supported countries list, it will be shown under global phone number at default.

2. Quiet Hours

Due to TCPA compliance, your messages are not allowed to send in quiet hours. Here you can set the suitable quiet hours based on your target country to avoid disturbing them.


You should not set the same quite hours ( Beginning time and ending time equal), by doing so, your message cannot be send and will be marked as failed.

3. Message Break

A break between 2 messages to the same contact so that they don't feel like spam

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Updated on: 16/10/2020

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