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How to set up Review Popup?

We aim to help you set up your review widgets in the most efficient and easy way. You can customize the widget's settings quickly in-app. Please follow the instruction bellow will include 3 steps:

- Enable app embed

- Installation

- Customization


To have the review popup widget displayed on your online store, you will need to enable Ali Reviews on your theme.

From Shopify Sale channels --> Online Store --> Theme --> Customize --> App embeds --> Enable Ali Reviews


Go to Show reviews menu --> Review popup widget --> Click on the Customize button.

- Toggle to disable/ enable the review box widget

Once activated the Pop up widget, it would automatically show on all pages with all reviews. In case you just want to show Popup widget at specific pages, please kindly contact our Support channel for further assistance.


1. Widget layout and setting

- Select the layout that you want to display.

- Turn on/ off the sections of review popup based on your needs.

2. Popup content

Customize text of Popup widget

3. Advanced settings:

- Overall: font, shadow and color of text, show rating star/photo/date or not, customer name format, etc.

- Rating Icon: customize rating's color, size, shape, border, etc.

- Mobile Version: choose show popup widget on mobile or not, custom the position and margin.

- Interaction: you can set the duration between 2 popups, and also for the stay on site, etc.

- Custom CSS: for specific format which has not been supported in app.

Remember to hit the save button after done these above settings


- Some advanced settings are only available from Essential plan

- In case reviews don't have country, the line “Someone in somewhere just rated…“ would be hidden.

- For vertical layout, text “Recently …“, 4 lines is maximum to show review content. In case there are more than 4 lines, it would show: "...".

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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