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How to set up Star Ratings?

Beside of the review widgets (such as review box, review popup and carousel), you will be able to show the star ratings under the product's title. Please check this article for detailed instruction


To have the app worked on your store, you will need to enable Ali Reviews on your theme.

From Shopify Sale channels --> Online Store --> Theme --> Customize --> App embeds --> Enable Ali Reviews


Once you enable the app embed, the star rating would be placed in 2 positions: under the title of product page and collection list. If you do not see the star rating showing after enabling the app embed, please kindly check this article for manually installation or contact our support team.

You are able to turn on/off the star rating by going to Show reviews --> Star rating --> Customize --> Change the toggle on the top left

Preposition the star rating:
- On product page for theme OS 2.0: drag-and-drop the star rating app block to the position you want

- On collection page and theme OS 1.0: move the code manually, kindly check this article for more information


With the latest update, you can easily customize the Rating Star's appearance showing for both Product Page and Collection Page.


This section is aimed to customize the text's color, font style and size, as well as the review display settings.

Rating icon:

From here you can change the rating icon shape, size, color and etc.

Custom CSS:

Specific customization via CSS. Code-knowledge is required.

Star rating content:

Customize the text on the star ratings and rating details.

We also support to automatically translate the content into multiple languages (currently support 11 languages: English, French, Germany, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese). Other languages are showing English content, you can customize them manually

Please feel free to contact our Support team via our live chat channel by clicking on the bottom right icon inside app, or our email at for further support.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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